Ade lives in Dunrobin, Ontario, with his wife and three young sons. He holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos in Nigeria, Masters in Business Management from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom and developed a monthly financial planning system for a $5 billion Toronto based manufacturer. He also studied Databases at the University of Cambridge in the UK, Supply Chain Management at the Humber College in Toronto and Internet Business Technology at the University of Toronto. He is currently the President of the Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group, a project management consultant and a member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers. His solution-oriented approach to life has motivated over 15 years of volunteering with conservative groups, neighbourhood associations and local church communities.


PRIORITY ONE: As compassionate conservatives, we should boldly declare a war on poverty, substance abuse, insufficient mental health care and unacceptable unemployment rates (7%).  Some of Ade’s ideas are:

  • Institute an unemployment rate trigger (3% – 5%) for economic immigration and to aggressively cut taxes for the poor.
  • A national strategy is needed to better prepare inmates for successful reintegration as productive citizens.  
  • In addition, a  Conservative Government should be committed to accountable partnerships with Aboriginal and First Nations communities to reduce the high school drop out rate to less than 10% in comparison to the current rate.  According to the 2012 Assembly of First Nations report 61% of First Nation young adults (20-24) have not completed high school, compared with 13% of non-Aboriginal people in Canada.
  • Implement poverty prevention programs for veterans.

PRIORITY TWO: The Conservative Government recently signed a free trade agreement with the European Union, negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and in addition to NAFTA provides other countries with rights and privileges that provinces do not have among themselves. The former Conservative Minister of Industry pegged the cost of the lack of a Canadian inter-provincial free trade agreement at about $50 billion annually. For example, instead of importing oil, we should invest in a technologically advanced environmentally sustainable Canadian oil transportation system. A Canadian Free Trade Agreement means cost savings for every Canadian. Read more:  Who Agrees With Ade’s Hydro Interprovincial Free Trade Agreement Policy?

PRIORITY THREE: Reduction of environmental foot print by implementing value for money and new technology solutions. For example, over a period of 26 years Ontario is spending $170 billion on purchasing renewable energy at up to 10 times the market rate. Manitoba, Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador have clean hydro in abundance.  An agreement such as the TILMA free trade agreement signed by the Western provinces, would reduce costs for Eastern Canadians.  Just as NAFTA guarantees states in the USA market rate hydro from any Canadian province, the same guarantee should also be available between provinces. Compassionate Conservatism means that in Canada, affordable hydro should be a human right.  An electrical energy free trade protocol in the Federal AIT (Agreement On Internal Trade) is achievable.  Read more: Removing Inter-provincial Energy Trade Barriers Creates Jobs.  Watch: Ade’s Speech at the Hydro Rally










Ade’s Record:  “A person with Ade’s record of promoting sustainable public sector money management, would be an asset to the political process at any level of government”.  Kanata – Carleton Endorsement by Lewis MacKenzie,CM,OOnt,MSC and Bar,CD Major-General(Ret’d) PPCLI

Ade’s work with OTAG:  Pierre Poilievre, M.P., “Applauded OTAG as a counter-balance to special interest groups which, he said, apply pressure on governments to spend more money on programs.” Ottawa Citizen.  Federal Infrastructure Minister John Baird was on hand to deliver a short speech…”Any time you cut taxes and let people keep more of their hard-earned tax dollars, that’s a good day”. Ottawa Citizen  JB

Courageous Leadership on Taxes: Ade is the founder of the Ottawa Taxpayer Advocacy Group (OTAG) whose no-new-money approach was adopted by Mayor-elect Jim Watson, and whose departmental budget freeze campaign was championed by outgoing Mayor Larry O’Brien. “OTAG … shaped the debate by offering achievable solutions to limit increase”, Randall Denley – Ottawa Citizen

Courageous Leadership on Inter-Provincial Trade:  Ade is founder of the Municipal Taxpayer Advocacy Group who drafted a motion on affordable Hydro and persuaded 37 municipalities across Ontario to pass the motion.


  • Launched a 2013 Canadian wide campaign with support from various municipalities and provinces on a change in high value sole sourcing laws through AIT (Agreement on Internal Trade)
  • Hosted a February 2013 Rogers TV show on P3s, Open Tendering and Innovating Transit with guests from US and Canadian think tanks as well as Provincial Members of Parliament
  • Hosted a March 2013 Rogers TV show on the creation of Waterfront Ottawa with private and public sector CEOs, Business Improvement Area Director and Architect that designed NCC Waterfront Master Plan
  • Organized the 2012 and 2013 Government Innovation Conference with speakers from 3 levels of government, including federal government ministers, authors, media and academia
  • Served as Policy Director for Carleton Mississippi Mills Conservative Party Association
  • Designed provincial questionnaire based on feedback from over 60 councillors & mayors across Ontario Organized a 2011 Provincial Elections municipal affairs debate
  • Proposed the following ideas which were included in the platform for Mayor Jim Watson; Spending Control Summit and “No New Money”
  • Hosted the first 2010 Mayoral Candidates Debate thereby causing the election to be about money management
  • Convinced city council to pass a motion to hold a 2010 Financial Summit and designed the event agenda
  • Organized a 2010 electorate candidate cocktail for about 20 council candidates
  • Drafted a 2010 motion on Affordable Hydro which was passed by about 37 municipalities across Ontario
  • Debated Councillors Cullen & Wilkinson at a 2009 City Hall Property Tax Debate
  • Supported by 80% of CFRA listeners on if OTAG should be allowed to run adverts on buses questioning the city’s spending habits
  • Organized a 2009 Zero Should Mean Zero Event with speakers from the provincial government and an employment lawyer
  • Member of Ontario PC Party Health PAC during John Tory’s leadership
  • Member of 2007 City of Ottawa Community Budget Advisory Team (CBAT)
  • Authored CBAT IT & technology recommendations for process improvement recommendations



Ade organized the 2012 and 2013 Government Innovation Conference with speakers from all government levels including Minister Maxime Bernier, PC, MP, authors, media and academia.