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House of Commons Party Leader Elizabeth May Letter – Constitutionality of s67(4c) Canada Elections Act Recruitment of House Of Commons Members Read more.  Sign House of Commons Petition #1593 Today!

House of Commons Party Leader Elizabeth May and Ade Olumide

Thank you Elections Ontario

Thank you Elections Ontario acceptance of Intervenor Application for Charter compliant nomination legislative declarations in Ontario NDP Complaint about 12 Ontario PC nominations; Read more.  Kathleen Wynne Ontario Liberal Party Leader and Premier of the largest province in Canada said, “(we will) introduce legislation to strengthen the enforcement and investigative powers of Elections Ontario, including the oversight of nomination meetings.”  Former Ontario PC Party Leader Patrick Brown stated,  “In retrospect, I am increasing of the opinion political parties are ill-equipped to handle nominations and that it is time to have Elections Ontario manage this part of our democratic process.”  Read Brown and Wynne stories here.

Globe and Mail Editorial Board Endorse Political Party Nomination Legislation and Enforcement

Read the article here:  “Simply put, there has never been a consistent application of the principle that nomination races should be democratic, transparent and spared from undue interference. … perhaps it’s time nomination contests were regulated by Canada’s existing federal and provincial election-oversight bodies. Political parties would no doubt fight tooth and nail against the imposition of outside control. But isn’t it time someone defended the basic principles of democracy so cavalierly ignored by party operatives across the country?”


Petition to United Nations Human Rights Commissioner:  For an international Judicial Council Protocol for dealing with Judges that deliberately act without jurisdiction in order to commit a crime. Read more.

In a March 21, 2018 email, Hon Jody Wilson-Raybould, Attorney General of Canada wrote “In the event that a judge .. committed a criminal offence, the CJC (Canadian Judicial Council) can investigate … whether the judge should be removed from office … the Criminal Code applies to all Canadians, including judges, law enforcement officials may investigate a judge for breach of the Criminal Code and lay charges …”. This confirms Olumide’s assertion that; the Chair of CJC is in a conflict of interest to decide whether to request an RCMP “record of investigation” of himself, this also confirms that written false statements by judges, police, crown prosecutors that courts and CJC have immunity from charges, are beyond all reasonable doubt evidence of ongoing s139 obstruction of justice criminal offences.


2017-2018 UPDATES

  1. Canadian Judicial Council Chair, Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley Maclachlin Retires Amid Police Investigation – Read more:  Part One and Part Two.
  2. Open Letter to Ottawa City Council requesting the personal position of each Councillor on the “Positive obligation to create a policy that Police cannot refuse to give a reason for Police arrest”.  Read more.
  3. Open Letter to all Members of Parliament:  Request for a quote in support of changing Judges Act Criminal complaints procedure Read more.
  4. Open Letter to all Members of Ontario Provincial Parliament: Personal position on the positive obligation to amend Police Act 138 to ensure police cannot refuse to give a reason for an arrest.  Read more.
  5. Open Letter to all Senators:  Request for quote in support of striking a committee to investigate whether to recommend changing Judges Act Criminal Complaints procedure.  Read more.
  6. Open Letter to Office of Auditor General of Canada: Request That OAG Stop Facilitating Crimes That Include Arrest By Racists And Racism Sympathizer Public Sector Employees. Read more.
  7. Open Letter to Law Society of Upper Canada and Ontario MPPs: Request that LSUC stop facilitating crimes that include arrest by racists and racism sympathizer public sector employees. Read more.
  8. Open Letter to OPP and Ontario MPPs: Request that OPP Stop Facilitating Racial Profiling by Ontario Government, Court Of Justice, Superior Court and Court Of Appeal. Read more.
  9. Open Letter To Supreme Court Registrar and Auditor General of Canada: Stop cuddling Conservative “party brass” racists / Canadian Judicial Council racism sympathizers. Read more.
  10. Open Letter To Supreme Court Registrar and Auditor General of Canada: Request To Stop Cuddling Racism Sympathizer Canadian Judicial Council Members (Supreme Court of Canada, Ontario Superior Court, Quebec Superior Court, New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, British Columbia Supreme Court). Read more.
  11. Open Letter To Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi: Request that NDP Premier complies with Liberal Opposition “Hope you receive a satisfactory response from the Premier Rachel Notley ….”. Read more.
  12. Open Letter To Canadian Human Rights Commissioners: Request to stop stoking the flames of racial discrimination against black politicians. Read more.
  13. United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Treaty Complaint Against Canada: Request that Conservative “Party Brass” Racists and Canadian Judicial Council racism sympathizers stop bringing the reputation of our great country into disrepute. Read more.
  14. Request for an appointment to present to the House of Commons Standing Committee On Justice and Human Rights on the need for legislative changes the Judges Act and Canada Elections Acts. Read more.
  15. S67(4c) Canada Elections Act United Nations Racial Discrimination Complaint: Meeting Request For Liberal Party of Canada Leader Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Sheer, New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh, Chef du Bloc Québécois Martine Ouellet and Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May.  Read more.
  16. Open Letter To Ontario Justice Of Peace Review Council / Ontario Judicial Council:  Request To Stop Falsehoods re Lack of Jurisdiction Over Arrest, Assault, Extortion, Obstruction of Justice Criminal Misconduct.  Read more.
  17. Open Letter To Ontario Office of the Independent Police Review Director and Ontario Minister Of Community Safety and Correctional Services: Request To Stop Encouraging Racial Profiling Arrest, Assault, Extortion and Obstruction of Justice Crimes. Read more.
  18. March 1 Oral Presentation to Ontario Standing Committee on Justice Policy: Request To Change S138 Ontario Police Services Act In Order To Stop Encouraging Racial Profiling Arrest, Assault, Extortion and Obstruction of Justice Crimes. Read more.
  19. Open Letter To Commissaire à la déontologie policière: Request To Stop Falsehoods that any court “organization” has criminal code immunity for acting without jurisdiction and in bad faith to deliberately obstruct justice by for the first time in the history of Quebec removing mandatory criminal code first instance and appeal rights and deliberately writing false statements with mental intent to help criminals retain the proceeds of crime. Read more.
  20. Open Letter To  BC Police Complaints Commissioner: Request To Stop Falsehoods that Vancouver Police lacks jurisdiction over crimes committed in Vancouver by Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of British Columbia who resides in Vancouver for acting without jurisdiction and in bad faith to deliberately obstruct justice by for the first time in the history of British Columbia removing mandatory criminal code first instance and appeal rights and deliberately writing false statements with with mental intent to help criminals retain the proceeds of crime. Read more.
  21. Open Letter To New Brunswick Judicial Council: Request To Stop Falsehoods that acting without jurisdiction and in bad faith to deliberately obstruct justice by deliberately writing false statements with mental intent to help criminals retain the proceeds of crime is not judicial misconduct. Per enclosed provincial legislation, no judicial council was given civil immunity for bad faith, no province acted without jurisdiction by legislating criminal code immunity for any judicial council. Read More.
  22. Open Letter To Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin: Request to stop Calgary Police from sending a written unsigned threat of injury in order to cover up their obstruction of justice. The motive is to extort Police Act statutory right to Calgary Police complaint decisions with mental intent to defraud Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board Service Complaint jurisdiction and Calgary Police Commission Policy Complaint jurisdiction to review the legality of the Calgary Police complaint decisions. Read more.
  23. Open Reply to the Honourable Jody Wilson‑Raybould, P.C., Q.C., M.P. Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada: the statement “I Would Like To Assure You That I Am Firmly Committed To An Effective Process For Investigating Allegations Of Judicial Misconduct” is false, patronizing, and disingenuous:
    1) is refusing Judges Act ministerial power to direct a public inquiry an s21b s22.2 s23 Criminal Code ongoing crime?
    2) is refusing to create Judges Act criminal misconduct complaints mandatory RCMP “record of investigation”, while CJC retains “record of investigation” decision making powers an s21b s22.2 s23 Criminal Code ongoing crime?
    3) is refusing to amend Judges Act in order to prevent Canadian Judicial Council mens rae motive for silence on 62 criminal misconduct complaints over 3 years an s21b s22.2 s23 Criminal Code ongoing crime? Read more.
  24. Open Letter to Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner: Request to stop abusing RCMP Act Commissioner public power to refuse to continue investigation commenced by the RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission which is s21b party to Criminal Code offences; 22.2 RCMP organization party to offence, 25.1(9)(11b) public officer offences, s122 breach of trust, s139(1)(2)(3a) obstruction of justice, s265(1a,b)(3c,d) assault, s341 fraudulent concealment, s346(1.1)(b) extortion, 362(1) false statement, s380(1a) fraud, s423.1(b) intimidation  /  s7 s9 s10 s12 s15 Charter of Rights / s1(a,b,e), s2(a,b,c,e) Canada Bill of Rights /  s2 objects s7 s9 s10 s16 Canada Victims Bill of Rights positive obligation to create policy to disclose outcome of  Canadian Judicial Council “CJC” criminal investigation opened by RCMP Officer Kent Williams.  Read more.
  25. Open Letter To Canadian Judicial Council Chair Right Honourable Richard Wagner; Request to refer Judges Act “record of investigation” for Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner criminal misconduct complaints to the RCMP. Read more.
  26. Open Letter To Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, Vice Chair Jo-Anne Pickel: Refusal to correct your implied racism sympathizer offences are a public power “clear departure” from preamble objects, s29(a,e,i) Human Rights Code which according to the Supreme Court is “as objectionable as fraud”.  Read more.
  27. Open Letter To Canadian Judicial Council “CJC”
    Executive Director Mr Norman Sabourin: In the history of
    the Supreme Court, except to target Ade Olumide, you cannot produce a single case of no s40 Supreme Courts Act jurisdiction to hear appeal of Supreme Courts Act “final judgement” from a Supreme Courts Act “Court of Appeal”. CJC is in conflict of interest because CJC is a beneficiary of A367-16 Supreme Court no jurisdiction falsehood, CJC is a beneficiary of in court and out of court deliberate falsehoods that CJC has criminal code immunity with intent to without jurisdiction defraud mandatory criminal code and charter right to access criminal courts, CJC is a beneficiary of Chief Justice Wagner illegal refusal to hear appeal of registrar illegal refusal to hear criminal proceedings constitutional question / civil proceedings constitutional question. Therefore any CJC refusal to hear unconstitutionally overbroad grossly disproportionate Judges Act 63(2), 61(3c), CJC Procedures s4.2, s5 constitutional question is a conflict of interest s380(1) Criminal Code. Allard v. Canada, 2016 FC 236, ….principles of fundamental justice…overbreadth… gross disproportionality …a law that takes away rights in a way that generally supports the object of the law, goes too far by denying the rights of some individuals in a way that bears no relation to the object…grossly disproportionate effect on one person is sufficient to violate the norm…effect actually undermines the objective”. Read more.


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